We all know that shopping for our necessities during the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic can be stressful and scary at least for me it is. But what is most important is to stay calm and be prepared by practicing good habits and extra good hygiene and sanitation. Everything I share below is what I personally do to keep safe. To some it may seem a bit extreme but it is important to protect yourself and others from getting sick. Staying in quarantine is always top priority but every so often you will need to shop for your essentials and knowing how is key. We are all working hard to limit close contact with others as well as practicing good habits in order to slow down the spread of the Corona Virus.

Below I’ll be sharing what I do when I go shopping for essentials as well as a list of products you may be interested in and a guide on how to properly wash your hands. 


Table of Contents

Before Leaving your home

While Shopping

After Shopping


How to properly wash your hands

I've listed products below that you can purchase from amazon.

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