10 Tips for Flying with a Toddler

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The first time we traveled with our son, was a very long international flight. I was so anxious and worried about the long flights but I’m proud to say it went surprisingly well. Babies and toddlers can be so unpredictable so knowing if your flight will be smooth sailing or a rough ride is kind of impossible but here are a few tips that helped me while traveling with my son. Hopefully they will help you as well.

Travel Light

There’s nothing more stressful than lugging around a bunch of heavy luggage and bags while also having to carry and push around your baby. Less bags, more hands. Pack clothes that you can mix and match with other pieces. For example, If you’re traveling for seven days you can pack one to two pants, one pair of shorts or a skirt, a dress or one piece, five shirts and a sweater. The tops can be mixed with different bottoms. The dress can be worn with or without a sweater or possibly layered with a top to look like a skirt and blouse. Do the same with your baby’s clothes. 

Air Sealed Bags

Two words. GAME. CHANGER. I will never travel without using air sealed bags again! It reduces the volume of your clothes by about 60%, giving you triple the amount of space! We would have never been able to have any extra space with our winter jackets since they are so puffy but with the air sealed bags we had tons of extra space. It’s a great tip if you plan on shopping and bringing souvenirs home. 

Dollar Store/Cheap Toys

I went to the dollar store and bought a few toys that were going to entertain my son and if they broke or got left behind, no biggy! The items I got were a mini magnetic drawing board (actually perfect travel size), two cars, stickers, crayons and coloring book, light up toy. 

Ipad & Ear Phones

When traveling, don’t be afraid or ashamed of screen time! It will save your life, your sanity and the lives of those around you! We downloaded movies in advance on Netflix so that we didn’t have to worry about the possible lack of WiFi. Ear phones made all the difference. He watched what he liked and I had my peace and quiet. Plus he felt super cool with them on.

Travel Pillow & Table Covers

Even before I had baby, traveling with a pillow was a must for me. If you can’t sleep on planes then skip this tip I guess or maybe after you take a pillow you’ll be able to sleep. But for kids, they need sleep and you need them to sleep just as much! 

The plane is full of germs so it is best to wipe down your area with disinfectant wipes and place a disposable adhesive table mat for kids over the plane table. It might save you from having a sick baby on your vacation and some save you from anxiety over them touching everything!


Snacks, snacks and more snacks! A hangry baby or momma or papa is not very pleasant to be around. Plus some snacks can be entertaining for toddlers. For instance, cheerios with some sort of string to pull through or straw to stack on. String cheese is fun to pull apart. Theres so many other foods that are great for eating and playing. 

Carry-On Stroller

I was looking everywhere for an affordable, light-weight, carry on stroller that would fit in the over head compartment and I did! I was on the fence between taking my normal stroller which was britax (great but a bit too big, bulky and heavy for traveling), a super cheap folding stroller with no storage but I would have to still check it in, or a carry on stroller. And let’s just say I was super happy with my decision. I was able to either stroll my carry on bag on the stroller or my son all throughout the airport. It was also slim enough to push through the aisles inside the plane!

Hip Seat Carrier

This is my absolute favorite baby necessity I ever bought! Hands down! Normal baby carriers always killed my shoulders and lower back but this one is magic. I feel no pain and it is super convenient especially with an active toddler. He can be carried or let down easily when he pleases since I don’t have to unstrap him. It has two storage areas with zippers to carry your phone, wallet or whatever else you’d like and wait for it… a cup holder! This carrier is the best thing ever invented. It’s comfortable, easy to use, has storage and zippers and hands free. 

Plane Baby Seat Belt

If your baby/toddler won’t stay in his own seat, feel free to ask for a baby seat belt. It makes a world of a difference. For one, they stay safe and two, you don’t have flight attendants nagging you to put him in his own seat. Resulting in a safe and happy baby and even happier momma. I only had a problem with one flight attendant not wanting to give me one. Also my son had just turned two that same month so he had to pay for a seat but wasn’t ready to sit on his own yet since I still breastfed him.

Relax and Let Them Be

Controlling your baby is not easy and at times nearly impossible. They can’t control their emotions or impulses as well and definitely do not have much patience. If they want to stand on the seat or walk around, let them do so. Walk them down the aisle to get rid of that pent up energy. If they are loud, what can you do? Don’t waste your energy hushing them constantly, it’ll only wear you out and frustrate them. 

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