Fun food utensils

Fun Utensils to make your kids eat more

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Kids can tend to be picky eaters, some days more than others but good news; there are many ways to get them excited about eating or trying new foods without the hassle. It’s important to take the pressure off and allow them to eat what they would like. Continue to constantly exposing them to smaller portions of the food they aren’t interested in. Eventually as they watch you eat or if they get excited about their food, it’ll peak their interest and they’ll try it. I’ll be linking to a few products below that are my favorite for exposing kids to food. These products make food fun, easy and exciting! 

Here are some of my favorites! Click any of the photos below in order to view or purchase the products. 

Food Picks

Food picks are GAME CHANGER! They are EASY! Just plop them on and they make a world of a difference. You have so many different characters, animals, leaves, hearts, and eyes to choose from. The eyes are a personal favorite of mine. They make any food come alive with cuteness!

Kids love to play with them and get so excited when they see them on their food. My son and I play with them as he eats to encourage him to eat more. I’ll even make little voices for them. He also loves to use them as his fork and gets extra focused on his food which is what I desperately want especially when he’s being picky.

My son loves eating corn on the cob. These make it easy and fun to eat on his own since he doesn’t like getting his hands dirty with butter. If I don’t have them, I always have to be the one feeding him. 

fun utensil on veggies
Fun food utensils


Kids have an amazing imagination and meals can be a time for fun as well. I’ve personally always try to let my son eat with regular adult utensils for him to get used to them but at times, they rather be playing than eating so I whip out the fun utensils that make meals fun. 

He loves to use chop sticks when we eat dumplings, or chicken. It’s a challenge he loves and makes his time eating much more interesting.

Lunchboxes & Plates

Lunch boxes can come in handy for meal prepping. These lunches boxes have separate sections for a variety of foods being served without them touching. Perfect for those picky eaters. You can also separate foods with silicone cups if you already have a lunch box without sections.


Cutters are the BEST! KIds love them and get so excited to see their food in different shapes. It allows their imaginations to run wild! 

I use these cutters on my fruits, veggies, sandwiches etc. You don’t have to cut out all of your child’s food in shapes. Just adding a few cut outs make the biggest difference!

Choking Prevention

Choking prevention is ALWAYS important. These products save time and energy on preparing your child’s food. Here is an array of fruit slicers and one of my absolute favorite utensils; the grape slicer. It cuts your grapes or cherry tomatoes into quarter sizes! Bye-bye hassles and hello peace of mind!

Muffin Cups & Seperators

These Silicone cups are colorful and fun. They are ideal for picky eaters who don’t like their food to touch. And that is perfectly normal. In fact many adults have the same preference. These cups help keep food separate and kids happy. You can use them for smaller messier foods such as nuts, crackers, sliced veggies or fruits, cheerios, gold fish, meats, rice, quinoa, oatmeal, etc. Basically anything and everything!

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