What I Did With My Placenta

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Ever wonder what to do with the placenta and umbilical cord? Here is what I did with mine and why. Delayed cord clamping was a desire of mine from the minute I found out I was pregnant. I’m a firm believer in delayed cord clamping! Babies are naturally meant to get all of that blood and goodness in them at the time of birth. Some people cut quickly and pay lots of money to save it for the future in a blood bank. This is in case their child may need stem cells. But I say, why not let them have their stem cells now? … 

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Any who, once it was time to cut the cord, my midwife wrapped it up and asked me what I wanted to do with my placenta. I chose to encapsulate it.

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My midwife sent it off to get it done along with a special memorabilia piece. After a week or so, I received my capsules along with my babies umbilical cord. It was designed and dehydrated into a beautiful heart. This is the real deal!

Forget saving that little gross piece that falls off (his pediatrician threw it away without asking anyway)! I was so happy I decided to get it done. It’s an amazing piece of memorable art that is fascinating and beautiful.

Once the specialist who made the capsules explained the benefits and instructions for taking the capsules, I had a moment of doubt. I wasn’t sure I wanted all those hormones reintroduced into my body. So in all honesty, the capsules are still sitting in my cabinet seven months later in their pretty little bottle and in there they’ll stay. I’d be lying to you if I told you I drank more than 5 capsules. I payed $125 for the capsules and the dehydrated umbilical cord and although I didn’t drink it, it was worth it! Seeing the umbilical cord like that, was SO AWESOME. I love it!

I only knew about keepsakes people made with their placenta, I had no idea you can make something from the umbilical cord. This by far, has been the coolest idea I’ve seen! So here’s an idea to all the mommies-to-be …


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encapsulated placenta pills with umbilical cord heart surrounded by greenery and polaroids
baby attached to placenta with a heart umbilical cord

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7 Responses

  1. I wish I could have a home birth but I am high risk and have to deliver in the hospital. What a great idea to do with the placenta.

  2. I wish I could have a home birth with my last but I am high risk so I have to deliver in a hospital. What a great idea to do with the placenta.

    1. Awesome and yes! This is why I wanted to share what I did with mine so other mommies could do it too! It’s too beautiful not to share.

  3. Oh my gosh what a great idea! I wish I have read this post and got this idea five years ago when I gave birth! I’ll be sure to do this with baby number 2. 🙂

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