Caring for a Baby with Cold & Fever

Having a sick baby is tough. ESPECIALLY as a first time mother. Everything is new, scary and unfamiliar. The first time my baby got sick and vomited, I freaked out and took him straight to the children’s hospital. As a parent, you feel helpless and not knowing what to do or what to expect is […]

How To Get A Stroller Parking Permit

I have always wondered how women get their hands on a stroller parking permit or what I like to call “VIB-Very Important Baby” permit. As a mom I feel so vulnerable when I’m out and about with my little one and parking near a store entrance makes me feel safer. It is also much more […]

What I Did With My Placenta…

What I Did With My Placenta One reason, I wanted a home birth was because I wanted my son to have delayed cord clamping. I’m a firm believer in delayed cord clamping because I think babies are naturally meant to get all of that blood and goodness in them at the time of birth. Some […]

My Home Birth Story.

The moment after I would catch my baby was supposed to be filled with nothing but pure joy and happiness. Magic in the air. I wanted so much to be able to just bond and care for him. But child birth is unpredictable. I had a plan, a vision, but not everything goes according to plan all the time…

Things People DON’T Tell You About Pregnancy.

But pregnancy is NOT all rainbows and butterflies. It’s not so much of a brisk walk in the park as it is a marathon, mentally and physically. There is so much people do not tell you or talk about.