Family Fun in Miami

My baby is getting bigger by the minute and his energy is growing with him. He wants to see the world, touch everything and explore. With that said, I have been thinking of places to take him and things to do with him. That is when my aunt (who has four little ones) gave me […]

Caring for a Baby with Cold & Fever

Having a sick baby is tough. ESPECIALLY as a first time mother. Everything is new, scary and unfamiliar. The first time my baby got sick and vomited, I freaked out and took him straight to the children’s hospital. As a parent, you feel helpless and not knowing what to do or what to expect is […]

How To Get A Stroller Parking Permit

I have always wondered how women get their hands on a stroller parking permit or what I like to call “VIB-Very Important Baby” permit. As a mom I feel so vulnerable when I’m out and about with my little one and parking near a store entrance makes me feel safer. It is also much more […]

My Home Birth Story.

The moment after I would catch my baby was supposed to be filled with nothing but pure joy and happiness. Magic in the air. I wanted so much to be able to just bond and care for him. But child birth is unpredictable. I had a plan, a vision, but not everything goes according to plan all the time…