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8 Date Night Ideas with a Baby

Taking time out of our busy and hectic schedules and doing date nights with your significant other are so important! Especially if you have a child in the mix. You know how much more hectic life can get with a little one or ones and once you have a baby it’s so much harder to make that quality time happen. For instance, you may or may not be able to find a babysitter whether it’s due to trust or financial reasons. Or maybe you have crippling separation anxiety and are not comfortable leaving your child with anyone. I personally fall victim to this one. I feel anxious leaving my son and as a result when I am out, I spend more time worrying and thinking of him than enjoying my time. This was extremely hard for for the first year and half I would say but, it got easier with time. 

I also think that with time we learn to let go because the anxiety lessens as they get older and more independent and our personal need for our own time increases. So don’t feel like you have to force it because you’ll end up not enjoying yourself. Just enjoy the journey and the time you have with both your significant other and baby. Find ways to work around it that are good for both you and your partner as well as baby. Do date nights WITH the baby! Not only is this good for you as a couple but your child will grow up seeing a loving and healthy relationship between his parents. 

The whole point of date night is to reconnect and a grumpy child can ruin that moment really quickly so keep in mind of a few things while deciding on what to do on your date. 

Go where your baby will do best.

Decided on bringing your child with you?… go where he will do best. For those that their child sits well in a carrier, stroller or chair,  then you can do things like restaurants, strolls, etc. If he doesn’t like noisy scenes then find quieter places. And if your baby is not in the best mood, wait til he falls asleep, turn on that baby monitor and let your date night begin at home.

Also, don't talk about the baby!

 Instead, talk about each other. You can talk about memories and fun times you’ve shared or ask each other fun questions.

Here's a list of eight date night ideas to do with a baby:

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