Why Personalized Children’s Books Are a Must Have!

Personalized books are so fun and special. I received my first personalized book just before my son was born. It was a special and thoughtful gift that I know my son and I will treasure forever. It is a book called “My Very Own Name“. I love it so much! I gift it to other mothers for their little ones as well now and let me just say, it is ALWAYS a hit.

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Soon after I was introduced to the world of personalized books, I quickly bought my son his second book. This one is extra special to our family. My dog buddy came into our lives, instantly stealing our hearts like a storm. We like to think of him as 3/4 human and 1/4 dog. He is the sweetest, smartest, most handsome dog in the world and everyone who comes into contact with him knows how special he is. Not too long after we rescued him, our son was born. They are now the best of friends. Buddy is our first son and to think that his life span is not as long as ours, breaks our hearts. Anything that helps build and make memories is ideal for us. We purchased a book from iSeeMe titled “If My Dog Buddy Could Talk“. The book is personalized especially for my son and his best friend/brother. I was able to not only add his name but personalize it so the character looks just like Buddy! It is the sweetest book. I know our little “Bud” will not be around with us forever but we can always treasure his memory and their bond with the help of this book. This way our son can always remember him.

Here’s more on why I love personalized books…

Treasured Keepsake

I am no hoarder but I’ll gladly hoard some personalized books for my children any day! These books are extra special as they create loving bonds between the child and gift giver, as each book can contain additional special messages, personalized dedications and dates. Children can also treasure these books for years to come as they remember the messages that were made specially for them.

Excited and Encouraged to Read

Any one and every one instantly gets excited when they recognize their name somewhere. Imagine the excitement when a child sees and hears their name in a book for the first time! Their imaginations run wild! Confidence is through the roof! They feel extra special, like they are the hero and star in their story. There’s no better way to capture your child’s attention than a customized book.

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11 Replies to “Why Personalized Children’s Books Are a Must Have!

  1. Ahh that book is the sweetest thing!! So so cute. I really love this idea of getting personalized books for your kids. I’m definitely going to check it out! My daughter would love one:)

  2. Personalized books are such a great way to encourage reading. I have been looking at getting the kids some. We read a lot of books but haven’t gotten a personalized one yet.

    1. They are super great! Iseeme has some really great ones. Check out the links above ☝? Hope you find ones you love ❤️

  3. I love this! We have one personalized book for my son that he got as a first birthday gift. We don’t have any of my daughter though. I need to start buying them!

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