The Beginning of Something Great

I have been wanting to start this whole “mom blog” for some time now but the fact that I haven’t until now… 6 months later after my baby was born… says a lot about what it is like being a mom. I have no time. Don’t get me wrong… I have plenty of time especially since I am a stay-at-home mom but the time I have is consumed by my baby’s needs whether its feeding time, nap time, changing him, watching him or entertaining him as well as trying to talk and teach him.

I can make time but the GUILT!

I find ways to entertain him like let him watch his favorite movie or play with his toys but even then I have to watch him so everything I do is while watching him. The time I do have is trying to do things like pee, brush my teeth, shower, and not forgetting to eat. The struggles are real people! OK so the guilt… let me start with um hello?! people warned me about this but I never thought it was this intense. It started when I was pregnant (he wasn’t even born yet!). If I didn’t eat a full balanced diet or drank my body weight in water I felt like I was failing my baby. Buuut, I’ve realized those feelings are there because we are mothers; We want to nurture our children and just want the absolute best for them. So I completely have accepted it.

Anyways, that is my rant (or excuse) as to why I hadn’t started this blog a long time ago (I also wasn’t sure how personal I wanted to get with people).  I’m writing to document my experiences along with the things I am learning as I go through this new journey as a first time mom and share the things that nobody really talks about. I will be getting really real and personal with you guys! This is the beginning of something great…


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